I found me in the elements―bore a part

From the round sum; the body’s pivot


Marked its difference―being lit―and started living.

Now that was all so long ago

I’d hardly know what roots, what loam,

What stock was all the ether―


Yet myself, now dividend,

Felt the edges tugging out; the pivot near

Unfixed, the wistly heart―remembering.

A hawk, I saw―then measurement, I felt―


In the pitches of the hunt felt the capture

And the quarry’s pluck―swarming strains

Beneath it all, pitched high, pitched low,

I heard the talon’s baritone. So the opera’s all


These species, here a bass, a treble, drum.

Here the swinging braid.

If only I remembered that sweet length

Of lightning rod―that swoop, that gold, gold clutch


I know―from somewhere

Though the recollection’s all a hum:

OnceI knew belonging.



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