Swarm Queen’s Crown (in progress)

Read selected poems from the book here, and read here for a more vernacular gloss of SQC in this self-interview


preview-en-usThe Sundering, selected by Linda Gregg as a winner of the New York Chapbook Fellowship, Poetry Society of America, 2009


Fourth Form, Orion (forthcoming Nov 2013)

Through the Long Greenhouse (with audio recording), Guernica, August 2013

Encounter, Sixfold Review, June 2013

Bury My Hands in the Earth, Sixfold Review, June 2013

The Women, Sixfold Review, June 2013

In Delhi or in Marrow, Sixfold Review, June 2013

A Mirror To See Me, Sixfold Review, June 2013

The Honey Jar, The Bacon Review, May 2013

A Spool Fell at Breakfast,The Bacon Review, May 2013

Horns in Calcutta, The Bacon Review, May 2013

In the Afternoon, Orion, Sept/Oct 2012

Dear Sir(s), Sharkpack, June 2011

The Insentientist, The Boston Review, Jan/Feb 2011


Steph and Pli

Youna Kwak and the Living Substance, Sharkpack Review, July 2013

The Place Where I Write, Orion Blog, Sept 2012

Business of the Master’s Workshop, Sharkpack, July 2011


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