About Stephanie

I was born in Oregon to an adventurous gringo explorer and a Guatemalan ex-nun.  As a family, we traveled frequently and without the fuss of too many comforts; we drove to Huehuetenango in eight days, sleeping like sardines in a VW van with a pop-up top.  Summers we hiked, pitched tents and explored the mythic realms of the Pacific Northwest, Guatemala, and Baja, Mexico.  I was raised to recoil at resorts and lived instead on a diet of dunes, woods, redwoods, and moss.

My college and graduate school were Stanford and Columbia, respectively—though, what are academic institutions but little brick huts sheltered temporarily at the mercy of a vaster seminary?  My Alma Mater is and always will be the natural world, the living earth that has created and sustained my being.  It informs (and is inseparable from) the very faculties by which I perceive, feel, and make thought.

I call the Pacific Northwest my home; here I dwell beside and near my human partner, my family, many plants, and my excruciatingly loved House-Wolf, Pepper.

I invite you to visit this site from time to time, which I hope to keep fresh with inspiring content—though I cannot guarantee that long spells of non-virtual engagement (travel, creation, exploration, discovery) will won’t keep me from being current.  Let it always be a work-in-progress . . .


My Current Projects

The Secret Message Project is in the works.  Think “Poem in Your Pocket Day” meets “Random Acts of Kindness”.  Think “stunningly beautiful broadsides in little gold envelopes” . . . . Keep an eye out for more updates!

Heart of Sapa is a work in progress that is rooted in my experiences in Sapa, Vietnam.  Aimed to highlight the lives and personalities of three amazing Hmong families, Heart of Sapa also is intended to give compassionate tourists ways to deepen their traveling experiences.

And here is a link to my Pinterest collections.  Nature, color, pattern, animal life, and the beauty of the Feminine are some of the themes I like to collect.

Check out my writings for the ever-sharp Sharkpack Review


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